The Artists

Studio TwoZeroTwo presents the works of our resident artists and featured artist.

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Penny Michel

Resident Artist

"Drawn to the ancient civilizations and cultures... my sculptures have all been a homage to the past offering hints and traces from another era..."

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Squire Broel

Resident Artist

Squire Broel’s visual language gives shape to his encounters with both the visible world and the invisible world.  Nuances, commonly overlooked in the midst of a frenetic, culturally driven reality provide much of the inspiration for his work.  

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Augusta Sparks-Farnum

Resident Artist

..."If I think through the cycle of attention, in parallel to my own psychosis- I have gone from fear to curiosity to godly respect. And perhaps back to fate..."

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Zachary Merten

Guest Artist: March -April

Finding the thread between the floating world of traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e prints and modern street art, these works of chalk pastel and watercolor explore the contrast of vibrant colors, lines, and forms floating in modest, rustic backdrops. At one moment charged, at another placid, the shapes and colors transition through negative and positive space materializing in emotional, sometimes animalistic expressions of human faces.