Studio TwoZeroTwo is committed to exhibiting artwork and promoting artists from

the greater Walla Walla Valley.


Rent/Commission: $225.00 per month or 30% commission on sales, whichever is higher. To be paid at the end of the month.

Time Frame: Guest Artist Residency provides an exhibition space for two consecutive months.

Artist Talk: Present a five to seven minute talk at the opening reception.

Info for Sales Staff: Create succinct bullet points about your work *

• My work explores the myth of the Merman.

• My work is made from used clothing

Questionnaire: Your participation will help the community get to know you*

Physical Portfolio: Images and information about you presented in a binder

Inventory List: Include details: Title, medium, dimensions, year, price.

Point of Sale: Must provide Square or Paypal Account Access.

Promo Image: Single image that best illustrates your work*

(digital image not to exceed 2 MB)

New Work: Only exhibit work that has not been shown within Walla Walla (city and county)

Optional: Vinyl wall signage - $90.00

  • Food for opening reception – TBD

  • Additional events within business hours and with approval* This information needs to be provided to TwoZeroTwo four months prior to the exhibition reception for advertising purposes.


Please pick 10 questions total from the list below. By answering whatever 10 questions you choose, you’ll help the Walla Walla community get to know you better. Please submit with your bio.

1. What do you call yourself?

2. How long have you been in the Walla Walla Valley?

3. What moves you, what brings you most alive?

4. How does fear play a role in your work?

5. What would you say in a moment of bravery?

6. What does the pursuit of Authenticity look like?

7. A hug or a handshake?

8. Titled work or untitled?

9. Art School or no art school?

10. Describe a pivotal moment in your life

11. When you make your work, when do you think about its presentation?

12. When have you felt the most seen? Or understood?

13. What is your favorite place to be in Walla Walla County? What do you hear, taste, and

smell there?

14. Childhood game that feels pertinent to your work now?

15. Do you draw?

16. How do you handle rejection?

17. Is your art: your work or your hobby?

18. Are you an artist? What makes you an Artist?

19. Describe your work to someone who cannot experience it

20. Talk about a connecting thread that spans throughout your work

21. What is your best mistake?

22. Do you write? What do you write about? Where can we read it?

23. Name and describe an unusual place that you would like to see your work, here in the

Walla Walla County?

24. Describe another artist that you would like people to learn about.

25. Where do you make your work?

26. What is your favorite tool? How do you use it?

27. What do you do during your favorite hour of the day? Which hour is it?

28. Speak about Mentors and or, apprenticeships in your practice.

29. Where are you going? How will you know when you have gotten there? What if you

never arrive?

30. Who are two people you would like to introduce to each other?

31. Music or quiet, when you work?

32. Is there anything you're hoping to be asked?

33. What is your favorite question? (and answer)

34. What is something we should know, that we don’t?

35. What did you have for breakfast?

36. If you could do or be anything other than what you do or who you are, what would

you do or be?

37. What will you leave behind? What will you take?

38. Where do you find courage?

39. What are your necessities to be successful?

40. What is success?

41. Reuse or a brand-new?

42. Were you sickly or isolated when you were young?

43. Any advice?

44. What does “doing your work” mean?

45. Share someone who is politically, historical, intellectually, artistically or

emotionally significant

46. Do you nap?

47. What did you eat for lunch?

48. What is happiness?

49. Do you read stories or make up new ones?

50. What are you reading? Do you have a podcast suggestion?