All Business...

Gemma: "Mom, can I set up a lemonade stand in front of the tasting room?"

Mom: "Sure, maybe your sisters will help"

Camylla: "No! I don't think so! (in full attitude), I'm going to pass on the lemonade stand and set up Chardonnay stand... way more money!"

Mom: (blank stare...)

I guess when you spend all day at either the tasting room or winery, your children pick up a thing or two.


The girls are required to partake in the making of their chardonnay.  At least understand the general process in making wine. Gemma, has an ability to learn and regurgitate information on command and in the lab this is no exception. After dinner one night you could hear the girls playing Harry Potter, using their dinner chopsticks as wands, when suddenly she starts chanting "'diammonium phosphate, centrifugal force".  Needless to say she won that battle.